The Ultimate Classic & Contemporary Mod Covers Band

Capturing the excellence of three musicians engaging classic and revival covers in an energetic performance from the very start.

Classic songs from some of the best Mod bands throughout several generations.

Forever Mod has performed extensively throughout Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire and continues to capture the true Mod spirit in vocals, appearance, and style.

Songs from; The Jam, The Who, Small Faces, The Kinks, The Specials, Secret Affair, Paul Weller and a whole lot more not to be missed.

From the start

Forever MOD started to take form in 2013 when Gary wanted to fulfil an ambition playing classic and revival Mod covers on a regular basis. Not long was spent getting band members together and rehearsals went on for a short period to get the tunes sounding just right. Gigs started coming in and the band found that interest was building quick and a full calendar was set for the following year.

That year proved to be frustrating for Gary who wanted to do more, he found that the rest of the band were not on the same page or even had the same ambition. When it came to gigging twice a week a decision was made that it was best to find new members. The search went out for like minded musicians who could commit more time to the band.

Late 2014 brought a new surge of energy and a thirst for gigging much the same. Martyn who jumped in as the new drummer threw himself into getting the sound of the drums just right. He started to embrace the challenge of a new style that Rick Buckler of The Jam demonstrated, whilst looking deep into the attack and control that Keith Moon showed in The Who. Rehearsing was going good and it was not long until the band moved back to playing live and carried on to build up their repertoire and found more people engaging in the vibe and scene, the lads then saw more fun for the future.

2015 was a good year and forever MOD crafted the show to appeal to the seasoned Mod as well as a general audience. The following year was busy with events, clubs, regular bookings and forever MOD got to enjoy all that was to be had for the gigging musician.

In early 2017 forever MOD's regular bass player set himself for departure from the band so the search went out for his replacement. After a few auditions up stepped fM's very own Bearded Ox! Aka Jamie, a bass player who has the passion and talent. This meant that it was time for rehearsing the songs and crafting the sound in the studio. That was welcoming and exciting all at the same time so no time was wasted. With new talent, knowledge and personality the band generated a great sound and the gig's filled with atmosphere and enthusiasm.

It's clear that time moves quick and so does forever MOD, always in the process of fine tuning and balancing a quality live performance that must be seen.

The show always goes on!

Loving the music

Passion, style and the love of music makes us what we are.