Yorkshire's finest Mod cover band


Welcome to the website of forever MOD

The Classic & Contemporary

Mod Band

Yorkshire based Mod band capturing the passion and the love for live music. Performing classic and revival covers in an energetic performance from the very start. Capturing the true Mod spirit in vocals, appearance and style. Playing a stack of vintage and model songs true to the genre from some of the best Mod bands throughout several generations.

Forever Mod has performed extensively for several years and keep up the pace by bringing in new tracks to keep their dedicated followers attending every gig. With the right attitude and keen approach to every performance that we do it’s safe to say that we deliver the right deal.

Check us out and see us laying down tunes from the bands below;

Songs from; The Jam, The Who, Small Faces, The Kinks, The High Numbers, Secret Affair, Paul Weller and a whole lot more not to be missed.

- Vocals

- Guitar

- Bass

- Drums